Solutions and equipment for micronization, granulation, agglomeration, coating, encapsulation, séparation and vacuum drying processes.


Focusing on particle technology Valortecs is the representative of valued solutions providers for the handling and processing of particles and powders of a wide variety of particulate materials, and whose applications span a range of industries including Feed, Food, Fine Chemical, Cosmetics, Biotech and Pharma.

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Particle design


Particle design is obtained through the combined actions of materials and process, in order to reach targeted product properties. Particle size reduction and in the other hand formation and functionalization of particle systems can each be achieved using specific technologies according the targeted application.

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Milling and classifying solutions by Lonza Engine™

Micro-macinazione - now a Lonza company - has extended knowledge and develops best-in-class jet mills (both spiral and opposed) for grinding dry solid particles. Additionaly “Mic-Mac” delivers high containment milling solutions.



Solutions for Food, feed & fine chemicals by Glatt

As a pioneer in fluidized bed and spouted bed technologies, Glatt’s solutions may range from spray granulation of liquids, agglomeration of powders, coating for the functionalization of particles or the encapsulation of liquids.

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Separation and drying


Many synthesis fine chemical and pharmaceutical products are obtained through the process of solid/liquid separation followed by a drying step of the wet solids. The choice of both the right centrifuge unit and the suitable vacuum dryer depends on the nature of the product and the application. Some products may be treated using only one single Vacuum Filter (Nutsche filter).

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Solid | liquid separation process by Comi Condor

Since 100 years, Comi Condor has expanded until becoming worldwide a leading specialist in the discontinuous filtering centrifuges such as horizontal peeler, inverting basket, vertical bottom / top discharge…



The Complete Range of Vacuum Dryers by Bachiller

From the design to the manufacturing Bachiller has an outstanding experience of over 50 years. The Catalan family company delivers worldwide Nutsche filter, horizontal, vertical, and biconical vacuum dryers for drying products…

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5 best-in-class solution providers, cumulating over 250 years of experience and passion to take care about your next project.

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The Valortecs Partners


Valortecs is located in Alsace, the French region that shares borders with both Germany and Switzerland. We are the representative of equipment manufacturing leaders and promote their best-in-class solutions for helping customers meeting their goals.


We work to bring together the project holders and the trusted partner companies that we represent. Aware that each project has its own unique challenges for both the supplier and the user, we act as facilitators rather than intermediaries.


Understanding the stringent requirements in the domain of particle design, Valortecs works at building bridges between solution providers and end users. Being ethical and acting with integrity towards both parties, we see ourselves as a link between them.


Expertise, Solutions, Partnership.

It all started from a fascination for pharmaceutical design and the passion meeting advanced c’GMP solutions. After significant experience in the areas of mechanical design, team- and project management I exerted from 2000 an attractive role as Area Sales Manager. I believe a project means much more than a master piece of high-tech flanked by a selling price and a delivery date. Above the process of matching customers’ needs, the success of a project is always based on cooperation and exchanges between people. Beyond the desire of excellence, Valortecs aims at helping its experimented principals and their customers forging together this necessary creative partnership. Let’s get things right the first time !
— Pascal Hug, Valortecs SAS