Micronization of API and HPAPI under high containment isolators.


Glove box isolators allow operators to achieve easy manipulations under visual control of their work in progress, in a sealed, separate environment that can include as well the required process equipment. Several types of glove box isolators are available according the toxicity of the material manipulated.


Advanced micronization process knowledge for developing high-end performance equipment.


Isolator for Jet Milling, especially the micronization of high hazardous products requests total containment levels. Micromacinazione has equiped its contract manufacturing with its own isolators achieving OEL (Occupational Exposure Level) 50 ng/m3.

The End-User point of View definitly is what makes Micromacinazione a unique partner able to propose innovative and well proven process solutions. Furthermore, working with trustfull equipments is a must because there can be no shortcuts when it comes to safety. 

Customized Glove Box according URS Micro-macinazione elaborates fully customized glove box isolators. From the design, to the software and validation, every detail is studied to meet the goals and user requirements specifications of the most demanding clients.


Micromacinazione designs glove box isolators where seven different sizes of spiral jet mills, opposed jet mills, pin mills, hammer mills, and up to two power supplies for co-micronization process are integrated. Micronization under high confinement reduces the size of pharmaceutical powder, API and HPAPI particles to OEL <10 ng / m3 (SMEPAC test).