The Nutsche allows Liquid | solids separation and vacuum drying, all in one single equipment.


The filter vacuum dryer

With patented “Superclamp” locking system, and unique c’GMP filter plate design.


The FNB-S is a filter separating solids/liquids equiped with an agitator, designed for extraction and filtration processes as well as for vacuum drying. The ground operations can be run while the process chamber remains closed. Thus, working with this equpment in single pot process allows avoiding cross contamination.

The Nutsche filter has a batch-wise operation, with reversible agitator variable in height, for mixing, cake preparation, purification, scraping, distribution, smoothing, removing and unloading the product. The dryer is heated completely including the agitator and the bottom area. Thus the drying process under vacuum finally can be performed in short time.





BACHILLER design and manufacture Nutsche filters from pilot size up to very large production scales using advances quality steels. Thanks to a unique construction know-how the most stringent specification can be met.