Disinfection process by low temperature vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP).


Equipment for cold sterilization process.


The device is controlled by a PLC system, includes an HMI panel, an external disconnection switch, and an external USB data port.

Mobile equipment designed for the disinfection process by low temperature vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP), through a fully validable process.


The disinfection cycle includes control alarms and indications, vaporization system with H2O2 dosage through proportional control, H2O2 tank with pneumatic system, variable cycle register.




H2O2 Station Portable ALBIAN


  • Refillable H2O2 container.

  • PLC control.

  • Cycle registration, alarms.

  • USB data extraction.

  • Cycle control variables (Time / ta / % Hr)


  • Clean rooms (Permanent or mobile equipment) (30m3 - 600m3).

  • Isolators

  • Biosafety cabinets.

  • SAS pass though boxes (up to 30m3)


230v line / 50HZ+T and compressed air at 6 bar.