Flush designed doors equipped with inflatable gasket, and integrated position sensors for a secured access.

Leaktight doors are designed to satisfy the isolation requirements in the contamination controlled environments, biosafety, and decontamination pass through chambres.


High quality leaktight doors for achieving the right isolation of your controlled Areas.

The doors are free-standing by means of a compact frame/door block, and ready to be installed into the walls of any clean rooms.

The door frame is built with extruded aluminum profiles, with very resistant alloy. It is attached to the floor and to the panel/partition, offering good sturdiness. if requested, the frame and the door can be set without visible fasteners, except for those needed for the lock, in order to make it easier to maintain.

Doors equipped with position sensor, ready for PLC communication with the HVAC. The core of the leaves is insulated according the customer needs.

The doors leaves are made of sandwich panel. with an outside finish made of phenolic resin sheets which provides a great impact resistance.