Spray granulation

Building granules from liquids | Encapsulation of liquids

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AGT and GFG - fluid bed

Continous process are more efficient since they can be run with a constant bed height in the processing chamber. According to the process the entire fluid bed is mixed and the product is discharged through a central pipe (AGT-process), or a plug flow is created in the GFG. Using the GFG, drying and cooling of the granules can be accomplished in the same equipment as in the agglomeration process.

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ProCell - spouted bed

In the ProCell the process air enters the processing chamber through a slot. By means very small particle can be generated (product particle size of 50um). When processing sticky materials the high air velocity in the slot prevents lumping. Compared to the fluid bed, the residence time can be decreased resulting in a very gentle process for temperature sensitive materials.