Filtering technologies for solid | liquid centrifugal separation by Comi Condor.


The field of separation solid | Liquid belongs to Comi Condor. For nearly a century, the Milanese company has been supplying advanced filtration solutions worldwide for the treatment of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and highly active ingredients (HPAPI), and many other substances for fine chemical applications and of course nutrition and agro applications.

With more than 5000 centrifuges installed, Comi Condor is synonymous with excellence. With its unique expertise in solid / liquid filtration, the family company offers various filter centrifuges, namely vertical centrifuges, horizontal filter centrifuges with scraping knife, reversible bag, etc..


HT/GMP inverting filter centrifuge. Dedicated for pharma , the application of the "hyperbaric centrifuge system" reduces the residual moisture of the product.

HX/GMP horizontal peeler centrifuge for finished synthesis products,
Sterilizable version with vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP system).
Maximum purity of discharged products (API and HPAPI)


HX horizontal peeler centrifuge designed for chemical applications, with perforated basket or rotary siphon, for products with good filterability. The cycle (feeding, washing, centrifugation and peeling) can be run at maximum speed, obtaining a high hourly production.

HX/L/S horizontal peeler centrifuge with rotating siphon is designed for production of starch (native and modified). designed for the automatic regeneration of the residual cake (“back wash”) to keep the filtering properties unchanged in time