High containment Micronization for HPAPI particle reduction


The mastery of micronization under high containment has made the reputation of Micro-Macinazione (LONZA). 
Thanks to in-house synergies between the R&D division, the engineering department and the advanced knowledge in particle engineering provided by the micronisation services, customer oriented solutions are available to answer challenging needs.

Especially for pharmaceutical application, the Swiss company Micro-Macinazione provides key solutions regarding the containment level and safety during the micronization of HAPIs product particles.

Fully customized high containment micronization suite

Fully customized high containment micronization suite

The latest high containment micronization suite under Glove Box offers key features (the all in one solution concept):

  • High active compound: OEL< 10 ng/m3 (<0.01µg/m³) SMEPAC tested

  • Humidity controlled glove box environment up to 99% RH

  • Automated micronization process

  • Predisposition for hammer/pin milling process

  • Cryogenic micronization at -60°C

  • Conditioning chamber for product stabilization

  • Temperature controlled conditioning chamber up to +45°C

  • Complete integration with customer’s DCS